FiiO recently released successors to two popular products: E10 Olympus and E11 Kilimanjaro. The E10K Olympus 2 replaces the mighty E10 USB DAC headphone amplifier, while the Kilimanjaro 2 (E11K) sports a completely new look over the E11 portable headphone amplifier it replaces.

Fans of the original Olympus E10 will immediately see the resemblance of the E10K to its predecessor. The internals, however, are quite different. Both the op-amp and DAC chip are all new. Engineers at FiiO further optimized the low-pass filter and bass boost circuitry for cleaner sound at all frequencies.

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The E11K was redesigned to be better in every way compared to the E11. FiiO started by redesigning an all-aluminum body with a more ergonomic layout. Then, the engineers added 50% more power (450 mW vs. 300 mW), reduced THD (0.004% vs. 0.009%), and increased battery runtime (16 hrs vs. 10 hrs). All while still retaining portable nature of the original E11.

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