We just wrapped up a busy week of processing FiiO X1 orders. Tinbel was responsible for all X1 fulfillment in the U.S. during the first week of launch. The initial allotment from FiiO has been completely sold out. We will receive more shipments next week. In the meantime, we hope X1 owners are enjoying their new DAP. For those that missed out buying an X1 during launch week, follow @Tinbel_Store on Twitter for the latest news on availability.

FiiO X1 Tinbel Availability

With the release of the X1, FiiO has redefined expectations for high-resolution music players at this price point. FiiO has accomplished an incredible feat by introducing a DAP with LCD display, easy navigation, support for lossless audio, and dedicated DAC & amp, all for under $100. With FiiO’s reputation and history for product support, the X1 will continue to improve with time.