FiiO has released 3 official accessories for the second generation X3 DAP. All these accessories are now available on our Amazon Store.

FiiO X3 Leather Case

Leather Case

This leather case is a classy way to protect your X3. Outer material is brown leatherette. Interior material is soft felt. Buy the LC-FX3221 leather case on Amazon.


FiiO X1/X3 Stacking Kit

X1/X3 stacking kit

This is not really a new accessory. Since the FiiO X1 and X3 2nd gen have the same form factor, they can fit in the same stacking kit. The amplifier paired with X3 in this picture is the FiiO E12A for IEMs. Depending on the amplifier you pair with your X3, you’ll want to connect the devices with either a straight short cable like the L16 (pictured) or an angled audio cable like the L17 for minimal footprint. Buy the HS12 stacking kit on Amazon.


FiiO X3 Back Cover

Clear back cover

The clear back cover for the X1 has been very popular. A similar cover is now available for the X3. This is a great way to protect your X3 while maintaining a minimalist look. Buy the C03 back cover on Amazon.