After years of development, the FiiO X7 modular Android DAP has finally arrived. We will continuously update this page with useful tips and tricks on using the X7. Release units will be running on Android 4.4.4 KitKat with FiiO firmware version ranging from 1.0 – 1.3.

fiio x7 features banner


Firmware Update

Latest Release: 1.91 [Download] – updated on April 29, 2016

The X7 was released with a Beta firmware. FiiO is still adding features and tweaking the software based on testing and user feedback. We suggest that new X7 owners first check the firmware version and update if a newer release is available.

Check Firmware Version:

  • Pull down from upper right corner of the screen to access system menu
  • Select Settings
  • Scroll to the bottom and select About X7
  • Look for firmware version under Build number

Update Firmware (before FW1.3):

  • Make sure X7 is adequately charged
  • Start X7 in Android Mode
  • Connect X7 to your computer via USB cable
  • Select Turn on USB storage when the USB connected message pops up
  • Select OK when the app unavailable message pops up
  • Copy the latest firmware zip file onto the X7, you can copy the file to the X7 home directory (internal storage)
  • Properly eject the X7 USB drive connection from your computer, and disconnect USB cable
  • On the X7”s home screen, select the Technical support app
  • Select Firmware Update and navigate to where you copied the firmware zip file (home directory is internal_sd)
  • X7 will reboot and go into update mode


Switching Between Android and Pure Music Modes

  • Pull down from upper right corner to access system menu
  • Toggle to the desired mode (Android Mode/Pure Music Mode)
  • Hold down power button until the Power off message pops up
  • Select Reboot and the X7 will boot to the desired mode.


Pulsar Light

If you find the blue LED above the amp module bothersome, you have the option of turning it off or adjusting the brightness of the pulsar light. Access the Settings menu (pull down right upper right corner of screen). In Settings, select Display then Pulsar light. Here, you can adjust the brightness of the LED light, as well as choose when the light comes on.


Install Android Apps

On release, the X7 will have a FiiO Marketplace for installing Android apps that have been tested thoroughly. Please take a look at this post on Head-Fi for instructions on installing additional Android apps.