FiiO has released the successor to the original X1 Hi-Res Audio player, as well as a completely redesigned third generation X5 player. Both of these next-gen music players will have wireless Bluetooth capability. The X1-II was released during the 2016 holiday season while the X5-III will be released in the spring of 2017.

The second generation X1 is available in 3 colors and are all available at our Amazon store in BLACK, ROSE GOLD, and SILVER.

Compared to the original X1, the second generation looks sleeker. Instead of a mechanical scroll wheel for navigation, the newer version now has a touch sensitive wheel. The second generation is ever so slightly lighter (4g) and smaller in every dimension. Battery capacity increased a bit as well (100 mAh). The biggest new feature is Bluetooth connection capability. The internals have been updated as well, with new Texas Instruments DAC and op-amps. Screen size and resolution remain the same. A single micro SD slot, now located on the bottom, is still the only memory option.

FiiO X1 1st 2nd generation


The completely redesigned X5 third generation is quite the looker. Taking cues from the flagship X7, the X5-III will run on Android with a full touchscreen interface. Each audio channel will use a separate AKM DAC. Beefy onboard dual-channel amps will be able to drive the most demanding headphones. Bluetooth will be available on the X5 for the first time. Also for the first time, the X5 will feature two headphone outputs, stereo and balanced out.