Where can I buy the products shown on this website?

Tinbel currently sells all available products through Amazon and eBay.

What are the different fulfillment options on Amazon?

Fulfilled by Amazon means that Amazon handles the entire transaction, including order processing, shipping, as well as customer service and support. This fulfillment method is great for Amazon Prime customers, who are able to buy our products using Amazon’s fast and free shipping. Tinbel is not involved with orders that are fulfilled by Amazon. We simply provide Amazon with inventory and Amazon handles all interaction with customers. 

When an item is listed as “ships from and sold by Tinbel,” it means that Tinbel will ship the item from our store. Amazon still handles the order processing part of the transaction. We are then responsible for shipping and post-purchase support. Keep in mind that Amazon will not notify us of an order until the payment method has been cleared.

What is your return policy?

Because all orders are currently handled through Amazon, returns are processed through Amazon’s website as well. Amazon’s system only allows for refunds with product returns. If you want to exchange an item, you will have to go through the return process to obtain a refund first, and then order the desired item. 

All returns must be requested within 30 days of order delivery. After the 30 days, customers will have to go through the manufacturer warranty process for any technical issues. 

Returned products will be examined by Tinbel and Amazon. Per Amazon’s policy, returns can be charged a 20-50% restocking at our discretion. We usually refund the full amount. However, if the returned unit is damaged or missing items, we will assess a restocking fee. Units that have been confirmed to be defective by Tinbel will always be issued a full refund. 

Why is my Amazon order taking so long to process?

There are two main reasons for Amazon orders to remain in pending status for an extended period of time:

1) Problem with payment method
If Amazon encounters a problem verifying your payment method, Amazon will contact you immediately. The order will not move forward until you reply to Amazon’s inquiry.

2) Non-Prime free shipping
If you selected free shipping for your order, Amazon will follow the estimated delivery schedule (5-8 business days). Your order will remain in pending status until it is close to the delivery schedule.

How do you handle shipping?

We usually try to ship orders out within 48 hours of payment confirmation. Expedited shipping will guarantee faster processing times. Most of our items are shipped using USPS. Items that cost over $100 will typically require signature on delivery. 

Please keep in mind that Expedited shipping is not the same as 2-Day Shipping. We adhere to Amazon’s shipping policies.

I received shipping confirmation, but USPS tracking hasn't shown any updates.

Amazon automatically emails you as soon as we generate a shipping label. This email confirmation does not mean your item has been shipped. We typically ship out your order within 12 hours of generating the shipping label. Please also keep in mind that USPS tracking does not provide timely or detailed updates.  

How do I submit a warranty claim for the products I purchased from your store?

For FiiO products, please visit: https://fiio.com/supports

For SoundMAGIC, please visit: http://www.soundmagicusa.com

For Micca: please visit: https://www.miccatron.com/warranty/